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Following are reviews in the press as well as from our customers .


Shape:  Run the World with These 9 Races

They may require a plane, train, or boat to reach, but once you arrive, 2 feet will be enough to enjoy these worldly fitness adventures.
For a side of San Francisco most people skip, cross the Golden Gate for some of the most beautiful views Marin County has to offer.  The self-guided Wine Country Trekking trip explores the trails around the birthplace of mountain biking and home to the country's oldest cross-country event, the Dipsea race...

From "Run the World with These 9 Races" in Shape.com (April, 2014)

Vogue Magazine:  Body Trip: Eight Slightly Fanatical Fitness Vacations

Summer weather means a mass exodus from the gym in favor of the beach, the trail, or the playing field...
THE CHALLENGE: Just north of San Francisco, this route starts in Sausalito and takes you through picturesque Marin County--from Muir Woods (with its stunning views of the Pacific) through redwood forests to Mount Tamalpais and, finally, Point Reyes National Seashore.  Each day, you'll cover between nine to twelve miles, and up to 2300 feet in elevation, along what is widely considered one of the country's best trails...
THE PERKS: Wine Country Trekking takes care of quite literally everything except placing one foot in front of the other...

From "Body Trip: Eight Slightly Fanatical Fitness Vacations" in Vogue.com   (June, 2013)

The Santa Rosa Press Democrat:  Walkabout in Wine Country

Eight years ago, Glen Ellen residents Greg and Mary Guerrazzi took an adventurous trek in the Dolomites, a mountainous region of Italy.

"My wife and I are avid hikers," Greg said. "We thought it was great to walk from village to village, enjoying food and lodging as we went, having our baggage waiting for us at the next nights lodging."

Recalls Mary, "Greg looked at me and said, 'You really should do this in Sonoma.' And that was that."

They returned home and shared the idea with family.  Mary's sister, Sheila Taylor, agreed to investigate the potential market for the treks..."When I did the competitive research," she said, "I found that we would have the market to ourselves...We were the first in the U.S. to offer self-guided inn-to-inn hikes.  I told Mary and Greg that I didn't want to consult with them, I wanted to be a partner."

And soon the three co-partners set about making it all work.

Putting the treks together wasn't as easy as it might seem. In Europe, trekkers going from one village to another follow paths carved into the land over centuries. But the U.S. developed at a much later time and in a different manner. Dirt paths originally used by pedestrians, horses and wagons were quickly paved over after the invention of the automobile.

The treks the trio were developing needed to be on beautiful trails. When public driving roads must be used, they should be little-traveled. If trails necessitated crossing vineyards or other private property, negotiations with the owners were required.

And since the treks were intended for a luxury market, they had to wind betwixt high-end inns and restaurants. Complicating matters, inns had to be placed at a comfortable distance from one another (far enough for a good hike, but not so far that trekkers were immobilized at day's end) and within walking distance of great restaurants.

But it all came together. In 2007, one year after idly musing atop a Swiss mountain, Wine Country Trekking launched with four treks, including the signature 10 day hike that takes trekkers on foot from San Francisco to Sonoma...

From "Walkabout in Wine Country" in pressdemocrat.com  (October, 2012

The Nest:  8 Best Healthy Escapes for Couples

Come back from vacation feeling like a new person after one of these active escapes...Sonoma Valley Runner's Trek, Sonoma County, California.  This is the trip for runners (and winos)!  This five day journey will take you through beautiful wine country USA, where you'll end some of the most scenic runs of your life with a tasting of some of the world's best wines...

From "8 Best Healthy Escapes for Couples" in thenest.com  (May, 2011)

Marie Claire:  Mental Getaway

Sonoma Valley Runner's Trek, Sonoma County, CA.  What it is:  A five day adventure for those who love to run and drink wine (but not at the same time).  What you get:  Eight to 11 mile self-guided morning runs through state parks, ending with splendid views and a picnic lunch; afternoon vineyard tours and cave tastings; evening spa treatments; to-die-for dinners; and luxury accommodations.  Not included: Guilt for indulging at the end of the day.

From "Mental Getaway" in Marie Claire magazine (May, 2011)

Fox Business News:  Skip the Boring Beach Vacation for One of These Adventure Packed Trips

Travelers walk, run and hike through different locations in California's wine country, and sample the famous wines along the way.

From "Wine Country Trekking" in Fox Business News  (April, 2011)

Walk About:  Wine Country Trekking--Travel company unites walkers and wineries for splendor among the grapes

Wine-loving walkers take notice:  Now you can blend your passion for vineyard hopping with a healthy hike.  San Francisco-based Wine Country Trekking offers self-guided tours that take you from city streets into the heart of California wine country.  Tours are designed for walkers and runners, from the fabulous fit to the weekend day-tripper.

From "Wine Country Trekking" in Walk About (January/February, 2010)

Runner's World:  Breath Taking--It's the Ultimate Runner's Getaway

"...I'm here for an adventurous four-day, 42 mile run through Marin County, a place with a reputation for fearsome hills and arguably the country's best trail running...The parks contain forests of towering redwoods, a coastline where elephant seals bellow on secluded beaches, and hills harboring Tule elk and half the bird species in North America...The complete route from Sausalito to Inverness will visit the extremes of rigor and decadence.  I'll step out of a different lodge every day in my running shoes, carrying just water, a couple energy bars, and a light shell and, with the exception of a short cab ride to a trailhead on my third morning, run to the next nights' accommodations while a taxi transports my luggage.  I'll crank out nine to 12 miles a day, almost entirely on trail, with a calf-knotting couple thousand feet of cumulative vertical.  Every evening, I'll plow through a five-star dinner and relax in luxurious digs...The trip was created for the author by Wine Country Trekking."

From "Breath Taking--It's the Ultimate Runner's Getaway" in Runner's World (June, 2009)

MSNBC:  Easy Kid-Free Getaways

"Face it: You're never hiking the 2,175-mile Appalachian Trail, even if it's one of the ultimate child-free vacations. But a wine-tasting hike you can do. Luxury outfitter Wine Country Trekking sends clients on self-guided walks through wooded trails, country lanes, and hilly vineyards about 30 miles northwest of San Francisco. On one of its best-priced trips, Sonoma Valley Wine Tasting, you cover between six and eight miles a day. Because the tour is self-guided (maps and meal vouchers are provided), you can pick up gourmet picnic lunches from cafés and bakeries at your own pace. The itinerary of private tastings, which reads like a wine estate greatest-hits list, includes the large producer Ravenswood as well as the boutique operation of Robert Hunter. The outfitter reserves your stays at tony inns, such as the Zen-like Gaige House Inn, in Glen Ellen, Calif., and also transports your luggage."

From "6 Easy Kid-Free Getaways" in MSNBC.com  (November 14, 2008)

National Geographic Traveler:  Tours of a Lifetime

“We were thrilled to discover that many outfitters share our vision that travel should ultimately not be acquisitive and superficial but connect us more deeply to the planet and to the people in it,” notes Norie Quintos, senior editor at National Geographic Traveler magazine.  “The other wonderful thing we discovered is that one doesn’t necessarily have to rough it to travel authentically and sustainably.”

"Wine Country Trekking has introduced Euro-style village-to-village hiking to the New World.  From San Francisco, trek to Sausalito, Muir Woods, Point Reyes, Tomales Bay, and on to Sonoma.  Bring your walking shoes and nose for wine and the outfitter does the rest, including arranging private tastings and tours at wine estates, gourmet picnics, kayaking, and stays at luxury inns along the way."

From "Tours of a Lifetime (United States)" in National Geographic Traveler
(May/June 2008)

Prevention Magazine:  Healthy Getaways

“Head to California for a truly special vineyard tour with Wine Country Trekking.  Not only will you get to sample antioxidant-packed wines and delicious local foods, but you'll also walk off those extra vacation calories as you hike your way through the gorgeous hills of Sonoma.  Take in the scenery of the private estate wineries by day, and rest your feet in first-class lodging by night.”

From "Healthy Getaways--Gourmet Getaways" in Prevention Magazine Online
(May 2008)

The New York Times:  A Wild Ramble, Near the Golden Gate

"Pierce and Carmen Morris were on a northward walk markedly better organized than our own:  having rambled throughout Europe, they had entrusted a local company [Wine Country Trekking] to plan their trip.

From "A Wild Ramble, Near the Golden Gate" in The New York Times (Travel)
(February, 2008)

The Chicago Tribune:  Trips, Tips, and Deals

Taking a page from inn-to-inn hiking vacations in Europe, Wine Country Trekking runs independent walking tours in the San Francisco Bay area... The forays make the most of city promenades, coastal paths, mountain trails and village lanes...

From "Trips, Tips & Deals" in The Chicago Tribune (Travel)
(November, 2007)


San Francisco to the Wine Country

Sausalito to Point Reyes Runner's Trek

Sonoma Valley Wine Tasting

Napa Valley Wine Tasting 

San Francisco to Mount Tamalpais

Mount Tamalpais to the Wine Country 

Sonoma Valley Runner's Trek

Kenwood Luxury Getaway

San Francisco Bay and Islands

San Francisco to the Wine Country

Louisiana woman and parents, November, 2012:  "Hey, Wine Country gang, hope all is well.  We had a blast on our trip! I would do it again in a heartbeat. The scenery was awesome, the hiking was great for staying active because we did eat and drink like kings and queens! My only regret is instead of staying 2 nights in Inverness, I would have rather stay one day, do without the kayaking trip and get to the wine country sooner and have an extra day there.  Once we were in Glen Ellen we wished we had one more day of sightseeing and tasting. FYI...loved the [Glen Ellen lodging], can't wait to go again.  I have told many people about this trip and how easy and laid back of a vacation it was because we didn't have to worry about all the details.  So hopefully one day you will run across some of our friends, or even us again!"

Five Australian and US couples, May, 2012:  "WE HAD A GREAT TIME! We really enjoyed the [Muir Beach lodging]--it had a great atmosphere.  The last night at the [Glen Ellen lodging] was fabulous!!...I think the walks were a little too long for most of our group--not sure how you would cut them, though.  The limo was a great touch!...Thanks for all your help with the trip--you did a great job!"

"The trek was fantastic and the accommodations exceeded our expectations.  The amount of walking and the beautiful and varied terrain was as expected. The variety in style of hotel added to the experience--each good in their own way.  Those of us who went kayaking loved it and it was good to spend two nights in one spot at that stage.  The catered meal in Inverness was great...On the last day, the visit to [a private winery] was fantastic with the garden as well as the wine being a highlight...Thank you for putting so much effort into organising the massages...All in all a great trip we would highly recommend, many thanks also for being so flexible with our group."

Utah couple, October, 2011:  "We had a great time! The treks, rooms and meals were perfect. We really enjoyed the last day and the wine tastings. You made everything so easy. The solitude and the beauty of the areas was truly a marvelous experience--it was great to disconnect from the mad dash that is our everyday life. If you add additional treks send us a line. Thank you for a wonderful trip."

Washington couple, July, 2011:  "The trek was fantastic. It was just what we wanted. The trails you selected were beautiful.  The inns were very nice and we appreciated having what seemed to be the best room in the place at each location. The restaurants, catering, and transportation were great too. I could list every aspect of the trek and praise them all. Thanks for facilitating a wonderful vacation for us."

Irish couple, July, 2011:  "Just a note that we had an absolutely fabulous holiday. All the arrangements worked perfectly and we shall be recommending you to anyone who is interested!  Thanks for giving us such a great time."

Virginia couple, July, 2011:  "This was an outstanding vacation experience for us and we have already recommended your company to others based on our holiday. It was excellent in almost every regard. Walking could have been a little more for our personal taste; we have had walking holidays where we walked a lot further each day. On the other hand you had us staying in very nice places and we were able to enjoy lazy mornings and relaxing afternoon/evening time. Our favorite walk was Olema to Inverness. That was probably the hardest walk and it was extremely varied walking. We noticed that you booked us "the best" rooms in the overnight stops, which was appreciated. We liked the [Sausalito hotel] as the best hotel. The one lodging that had drawbacks was [Muir Beach]. You paid attention to details throughout the trip, which is one of the reasons we enjoyed it so much. We look forward to our next holiday with you."

Illinois, 2 couples, November, 2010:  "Generally we had a wonderful time and found that everything was as we had expected. The guide books and maps were first class. The cab driver was both reliable, very safe and a fount of knowledge...Loved meeting the winemakers--we kept Sonoma green (by leaving some of ours there!) and enjoyed some of the wines very much....overall we had a memorable, happy and delightful trip.  We hope we will be able to find a way to travel with you again."

Canadian couple, October, 2010:  "We LOVED our trek.  Even the 2 wet days were not bad because we were in the woods, although we missed the view from the top of Mt. Vision because of fog.  We needed to get away, and I enjoyed not having to think about anything...Having organized a few trips for others, I know what time and effort the logistics of such an enterprise take.  Well done!!"

Canadian family, September, 2010:  "Where to begin?!  We had an absolutely wonderful time!  The trip was beautifully organized, with each day offering a different landscape for our hike and a unique and well chosen hotel for our tired bodies. We loved all the hotels (every single one had a lovely view from our room), all the restaurants, all the hikes!  Walking through those great forests was so peaceful and serene, so meditative!  We were welcomed warmly in every hotel, with our luggage often waiting for us in our room.  The attention to detail that you gave was marvelous.  All we had to do was pack up in the morning and set off for our hike, following your directions.  We had fun buying our lunches with the gift cards, and the lunch stop suggestions on the map were perfect!  We knew that we could look forward to a lovely room waiting for us at the end of the day, and a great table reserved for us for supper.  I think that, wherever you had reserved for us, we had the best table in the house!  Loved Gary Danko, Sushi Ran, and the Olema Inn Restaurant in particular.  Enjoyed the treat of having a meal made for us in Inverness.  The old cab was a great touch--so nice and spacious.  Thank you!  It was magical!  The trip of a lifetime!"

Wisconsin Mom and adult children, August, 2010:  "We loved the trip so are happy to comment!  Overall the experience was stunning.  We were challenged by the hiking and were amazed by the sights along the way.  We feel strongly that we would never have the appreciation for this part of our country by any other method of travel.  The hike through the Redwoods was the most amazing from our perspective.  We liked coming into the park from the position we did as we started to see the large trees as we moved further and further along the trail.  Any trail that was along a beach was just a joy to us as we so dearly love it.  Crossing the Golden Gate was really a treat--it was a beautiful and clear day so we saw it all!  We loved coming into the community and finding our hotel...after a long day of hiking is was so nice to see the great accommodations.  Each location had its own unique character and there wasn't one that we enjoyed more than the other.  We wouldn't change a thing--it really was well organized, fun, challenging, exciting.  Everything we signed up for!"

Virginia couple, August, 2010:  "We thoroughly enjoyed our vacation with Wine Country Trekking!  We enjoyed each of the places we stayed, the food we ate was excellent.  Our cab driver was entertaining and informative, and the wineries were each special in their own right and made us feel that we were getting special service (which we were!)  I always mean to get in shape before we take adventures like this one, but seems I never do...makes the hiking a little more strenuous, but also, it was not such great distances that it couldn't be done each day.  The [Muir Beach lodging] was a favorite because of the English flavor that we didn't expect--a great surprise that we thoroughly enjoyed.  I can't decide if I wanted the trip to last longer, or if I would really like a day in the middle where there is NOTHING on the itinerary...not that we didn't enjoy every minute that we were active.  The hardest hiking day was really probably the last--only 6 miles BUT it started with wine and it happened to be hot that day...I will definitely recommend this trip to others.  Everything was taken care of and it was all beautiful.  Thanks for putting it together!

Washington honeymooners, September, 2009:  "Thank you so much for such an amazing vacation.  We can't stop talking about what good time we had!  We couldn't have asked for more--we saw more, experienced more, and had more fun than any conventional vacation I have ever been on.  The trip was expertly orchestrated and attention to detail was much appreciated.  We loved the [small inn], the [wine country inn], and [the winemaker].  The lunches were fantastic and always much appreciated.  Thank you for an unforgettable vacation. Everyone should get to have an experience like this at least once in their life time."

Georgia couple, September, 2009:  "One of the best trips we have ever taken.  We had a great and relaxing trip...everything went extremely smoothly and we were happy to not have to think about anything other than what time we wanted to start hiking that day.  The guidebook was fantastic and really made it easy for us as first time hikers.  We were pleased with the restaurant recommendations, particularly in San Francisco and Sausalito.  We also really appreciated the recommended picnicking stops.  Although we thought we would like the wine tasting the best, and it was fantastic, we ended up loving the time alone in nature and the incredible scenery.  We have recommended this trip to a number of friends and might even be back again to try some of the other trails in Marin."

Bermuda couple, September, 2009:  "The trip was fantastic.  Your attention to detail was most appreciated...Three wine tours in one day was a bit much for us and we felt badly having to turn down three of the six wine tastings at the final one...The hotel accommodations were first class.  We particularly enjoyed our catered meal.  Sea kayaking was great!  Thank you for all the post trip suggestions.  Fantastic!"

Massachusetts couple, September, 2009:  "...We thoroughly enjoyed the trek!!  The properties were lovely and comfortable with the exception of the [small inn]...Everything else exceeded our expectations.  The treks were challenging for us 63 year olds, and we opted to forego day 5.  We met a lovely couple and had a lovely day.  The wineries and planned tours were exceptional.  Our experiences at them were wonderful.  I would highly recommend this trip to others who are up to a good hike during the day with incredible views and sensory excitement and the luxury of outstanding accommodations."

Chicago and Texas friends, September, 2009:  "Overall I enjoyed the Trek very much, everything done first class, well worth the money.  As you may know, this was our fifth trek, to all parts of the world, and was by far the best organized and most luxurious.  The lodging was all great!  I thought the best part was the day in Muir Woods, although the start of some of the walks was awfully tough for me...You get what you pay for; hard work for a great Trek.  The guide book was the best we've seen.  Really good! ...The stop at [a private winery] was fantastic, an almost magical place.  Thanks for getting us access to it.  A great Trek, I've already recommended it to several friends.  Thanks for everything."

London honeymooners, August, 2008:  "...when I say how fabulous the trip was.  We had a wibble at the start with the [San Francisco lodging] who didn't seem to know how the trek worked, but after that it was a truly wonderful experience. A very well thought out and arranged holiday and one we will remember for a very long time! Memorable points were - Gary Danko...truly exceptional and up in the top 3 meals of all time for [my husband] and I ... - the silence and peace of not seeing another person or car or anything for miles each day - [Sausalito lodging]...our room was beautiful and the gentleman at reception was very jolly and friendly - the bubbly taximan who was a fountain of knowledge and had Phoebe's car from Friends!- [Inverness lodging]....can I live there please? - arriving at the [Glen Ellen lodging] and going for foot scrubs/massages....very needed!- the totally amazing room at the [Glen Ellen lodging] and bottle of bubbly on arrival ...thank you. Thank you for helping to make our honeymoon visit to the US the trip of a lifetime."

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Sausalito to Point Reyes Runner's Trek

Virginia honeymooners, August, 2012:  "We had an amazing time on the trip and both thought it was one of the best trips we have ever taken.  Other than the enjoyment we had, we both thought the organization that you guys provided was incredible...Overall we thought the trip was fantastic. It was everything we expected it to be and more. Running/hiking the trails was a great experience, the lodging was some of the best and unique places we have ever stayed at.  All of the meals were delicious.  And the overall organization of the trip exceeded our expectations.  The detailed maps and written directions were incredibly helpful...I think we enjoyed the running/hiking of the trails the most overall, although rewarding ourselves with amazing dinners and local beer and wine was up there as well. It's hard to beat the stunning coastal and mountain views as well as the giant redwoods in Muir Woods...The mornings were very foggy and we felt as though we missed out on some breathtaking views.  But we also thought the fog was pretty cool, as it felt we were running in the clouds...we really enjoyed the fact that you mentioned to the hotels that this was our honeymoon.  One gave us a complimentary bottle of champagne and all the other places at the minimum gave us congratulations. It was a nice touch.  Thank you so much for a great trip and we definitely plan on doing another one in the future."

North Carolina couple, September, 2011:  "The trip was fantastic. The varied terrain was very interesting and fun. The staff at all of the locations were very friendly. [The cabdriver] was an extremely enjoyable character and full of all sorts of knowledge. The accommodations were perfect and the meals very good. The trail descriptions/directions and maps were perfect. We could not be any happier with our experience. Thank you very much."

Michigan honeymooners, with Inverness add-on, August, 2011:  "...we had a wonderful time and have enjoyed telling all of our friends and family about it. The inns were great, the restaurants were great, the breakfasts and lunches were great, and the transportation was great. The only thing we might have done differently is stay an extra day on [Mount Tamalpais]. We would have liked some more time to do alternate activities like horseback riding, etc."

Pennsylvania couple, with Inverness add-on, June, 2011:  "Thank you so much for such an amazing vacation. The itinerary, maps, accommodations, and plans were perfect. We had an unfortunately rainy run from Sausalito to Muir Beach, but it was all worth it when we arrived at the [Muir Beach lodging] soaking wet with pounds of mud caked onto us and they welcomed us by shuffling us right over to the fireplace. It turned out to be the best 'snapshot moment' of the whole trek. The views were stunning and the trails were great every day. Our favorite route was the third trek beginning in the woods then going through cow pastures, arriving in Point Reyes.  Our favorite lodging was in Point Reyes. [The cabdriver] provided more than just secure bag delivery, but regaled us with some historical anecdotes, which we appreciated. We were glad to have added on the trek to Inverness because the trek was challenging and the views from Mt. Vision amazing. This was a great way for us to experience new places and we would love to continue to travel this way."

Five Cousins (some runners, some hikers), with Inverness add-on, May, 2011:  "We were all going to send you a note about what a great trip it was.  I honestly don't think it could have been better.  The hotels/inns were great and the service and our treatment was nothing but the best.  The hiking was unbelievable, but I had my doubts the first 20 minutes climbing the steps of Sausalito.  Wow, that was a good way to start!...One of the best things I enjoyed besides everything was the lack of TV in most of the Inns.  It was so nice to be disconnected for a change.  Very nice.  I am sure my cousins had a nice time, but I must say this was the best vacation I have ever experienced.  Thanks to...Wine Country Trekking.  I hope to do it again."

"We had a fabulous time!  From the moment I arrived, everything was perfect...The first hike out of Sausalito was great!  I loved that we hiked up past some of the local homes, then under the highway to the top with all the beautiful views and trails.  [We] ran the first three days...we took hundreds of picturess...the descent into Muir Beach was wonderful...just when I thought I had seen it all some other spectacular view would present itself...the food was awesome everywhere...Day 2 hiking up through the homes to Muir Beach overlook was again breathtaking...then over along the coast to Muir Woods.  The trail directions were superb always...Hiking up out to the [Mount Tamalpais lodging] was so satisfying...I could have sat on that deck forever...sunning, drinking and eating while chatting with other guests looking out at the view.  We were all glad the third day was mostly downhill...loved coming out onto the meadow...[we] saw 2 coyotes...it was gorgeous.  All of the accommodations were better than I expected.  The [Olema lodging] had a beautiful back yard with stunning flower gardens...The last day hike to Inverness was lovely...Thank you so much.  I can't speak highly enough about your organization."

Michigan couple, November, 2010:  "The trip was amazing!  Honestly we were not prepared for the elevation gains and losses so we hiked more than we ran.  Looking back, I'm glad we did as we were able to take in a lot more of the area.  All of the inns and restaurants were great.  I personally enjoyed the [Mount Tamalpais lodging] the best and my husband really liked the [Muir Beach lodging].  Thank you for a great, great vacation!"

Colorado couple, October, 2010:  "We had an amazing time from start to finish!  We felt incredibly well taken care of by you.  All of you were so responsive to our emails and phone calls.  Everything was so well organized and it was great for us not to worry about a single detail.  THANKS!  The inns were all wonderful.  The food was fantastic, of course.  The route notes were simply amazing!  We were right on course at all times.  All of the runs were great, loved all of them for their incredible diversity.  I think the second day, running through Muir Woods, was our favorite.  For us, pure luxury is being able to get our fix of exercise and follow it up with gratuitous amounts of relaxation.  Our girls are 5 and 8 years old, our life at home is very fast paced and busy.  The way we were taken care of by you at WCT and the way we were cared for by your partners was first rate at every step and we SO appreciate that!!  Thanks for all you did to make this anniversary trip so special for us!"

Texas couple, October, 2010:  "We had a great time, found all of the accommodations wonderful, and the people were great.  We saw a fox, bobcat, rabbits, stag and eagles while running!  All of the inns were so different that it is hard to say which one we liked the best.  We loved the cabbie, he was full of interesting facts about Marin County."

North Carolina couple, September, 2010:  "The trek was great.  We met [another customer] on the trail and will be friends for life.  We agreed that this was very difficult for a run and hiked it.  The [Muir Beach lodging] was astonishing!  The food was amazing...[The cabdriver] and his cab are a dream.  The [Mount Tamalpais lodging] was wonderful and it was hell leaving that gorgeous deck.  That is where we met lots of fun people.  Your coordination of everything was top rate.  I will keep you in mind for future vacations and will mention your excellent company to others.  PS  I LOVE my water bottle."

Texas friends, September, 2010:  "The whole Wine Trek experience was incredible and turned out to be one of the best experiences of my life.  Each new day had an element of surprise in regards to the trail, scenery, and challenge.  Everyone we encountered was extremely kind and accommodating....I can not say enough about how wonderful our journey was.  For two 50 year old women we did very well...I would recommend this adventure to anyone needing a challenge in life.  Thank you for making it so spectacular for us."

Texas couple:  June, 2010:  "It was a fantastic trip.  We loved every part of it--the scenery, the lodging and the food were all great.  Logistically, everything worked perfectly and we found the Trail Guide accurate and easy to use...We definitely will be back for another trek at some point and will recommend WCT to our friends."

Texas couple, (with a San Francisco add-on), June, 2010:  "It was so wonderful!  I will just comment by day---San Francisco:  Loved the hotel, the dinner was the best we have ever had.  Sausalito: Run was very easy and so relaxing.  The Trail Guide was wonderful and the GPS worked great too.  We loved the hotel and really enjoyed shopping for art.  We got a special treat--we dined next to Carlos Santana at dinner!!!  So fun!!!  We loved this area so much that we want to plan a return trip there soon.  The spa was not the nicest I have been to, but the service was great!  Muir Beach:  The run was by far the hardest--so steep in some parts we weren't able to run.  In fact, we left at 7 a.m. and got there at 10:30 a.m...They were not the friendliest, but the inn was so beautiful, the food was so good, and the beach was really relaxing.  Mount Tam:  Great run!  We loved the [lodging] so much too!  The hostess really made us feel welcome and special there.  We felt hospitality to the extreme there.  They were so accommodating and the food was fabulous too.  That view I will never forget!  Point Reyes Seashore:  The run was wonderfully beautiful.  Such different terrain!  We were a little disappointed that a beach was so far away.  I think we had in our mind that this was on a beach.  The people at the lodge were very friendly...would love to go back just to hike all the trails around there.  We loved the cab driver--he was so knowledgeable of the area.  You could really sell him as a tour guide!!!  Overall we really feel like this is the best vacation we have ever had!  We will be back to Marin County for sure--maybe next time for the 10 day trek!  Thanks again for such an amazing vacation."

Ohio couple, May, 2010:  "Beautiful trails, wonderful inns, great food!  Would not change a thing and will recommend to everyone I know!  Thanks you!  So glad we added Inverness!"

South Carolina couple, March, 2010:  "Fabulous trip.  I think we have generated several new customers for you based on our glowing accolades.  Enjoyed everything.  All the places we stayed were terrific, especially the [Muir Beach and Inverness lodging].  The meal in Olema was outstanding.  The trails were terrific, even with the rain which made running somewhat hazardous.  Your maps and route descriptions were outstanding.  We were off trail for a brief time when we missed the first turn in Muir Woods because we were mesmerized by the trees.  The cab driver is definitely a keeper.  The massages were also outstanding.  Magical trip.  Hiking into Olema we saw 2 people, into Inverness, none...Thanks for a great trip."

Arizona couple, March, 2010:  "We enjoyed the trip so much!  The interactions with you were great, the e-mails timely and professional.  Everything you said you would do was done.  The booklets were professional and pertinent.  We especially appreciated the detailed daily instructions and the maps are so great to showing people just what we did.  It is hard to say [what we enjoyed the most].  Probably the days were entirely on our schedule and we saw so few people on the trail, except for the Muir Woods entrance and the [Mt. Tamalpais] road.  Otherwise only 3 or 4 people.  We like being in beautiful country and being alone.  The Inns were wonderful, the luggage waiting when we arrived, the service at the Inns was great.  People seemed to take extra care when we mentioned we were with Wine Country Trekking.  The ale at the [Muir Beach lodging] was floral and herby and delicious, sitting out on the steps amongst the flowers and trees after a long, warm day...My husband says 'She bought herself a birthday present and I got to go along.'  What a great way to spend my 65th!  Oh, yes--on the last day, his memorable comment in the pastureland: 'I can smell the cream, not the cows.'  Then we got to have some Cowgirl Creamery cheese.  Just perfect."

Oregon, 2 couples, October, 2009:  "The trail guide books were Really Valuable!!! I am so glad that I didn't try this without them.  [My friend and I did get lost on the last day...so we got a 4 mile bonus thrown in.  I have to admit our wives never got lost and came in under the minimum time every day including lunch stops.  The [Sausalito lodging] was a nice spot, and the [Muir Beach lodging] was totally awesome.  The other two hotels were poor compared to the first two...As for the route in general, the variety of views was really great, and some of the specific sections were just stunningly beautiful.  The fire roads were in fine shape, but a lot of the trails were not maintained as well as I expected compared to the trails we have near Portland...Everything you guys did was fantastic.  I really appreciated your help and your service levels."

California, 2 couples, (with a Wine Country add-on), October, 2009:  "We thoroughly enjoyed our trek.  Not having a lot of hiking experience we found it was a little more challenging than expected, especially the first day.  But that was OK.  It just heightened our sense of accomplishment after completing all 5 days.  We would and have highly recommended Wine Country Trekking to everybody inquiring about our experience.  The only thing we do emphasize is to get, especially your legs, in reasonable shape.

Each day, from Sausalito to Glen Ellen was different and brought its own particular enjoyment.  Every accommodation was unique in its own right and we enjoyed them all. The eating arrangements were all great...On the subject of wineries:  The tours, the tastings, the settings were all outstanding. Couldn't have been better choices."

New Mexico couple, October, 2009:  "One of the best trips I have ever been on.  The whole thing was a surprise...not knowing what the trail will be like, or the views, or the restaurants, or hotels...and constantly, pleasantly surprised."

Illinois couple, September, 2009:  "We had an AWESOME time!!  This is the first time my husband & I got away for more than 1 night in 10 years!  We missed our 5 kids, but it was worth it!  We enjoyed the most running through Muir Woods and the [inn on Mount Tamalpais].  Thanks so much!"

New York single, September, 2009:  "The trek was magnificently astonishing and relaxing at intervals.  The work/rest ration was perfect.  Without a doubt, I most enjoyed the Mount Tamalpais/Muir Woods day.  And I appreciate the special care you took to insure my comfort and lunch food, and the kindness and flexibility you showed...I do very much expect to see you all again!"

North Carolina couple, August, 2009:  "We had a wonderful time!  I have traveled extensively in US, Africa, South America and would consider this one of my best vacations.  The routes were obviously very well thought out with enough off the beaten path but yet never felt unsafe, lost, etc.  I would love to do another trek sometime.  The mileage was on the low side, but with the terrain being so hilly it was perfect.  All the accommodations were wonderful, comfortable, good food and great service...I have been telling all my running friends about this great service."

New York couple, August, 2009:  "We had a great time in California last week on our trek!  Sausalito was adorable and the [Sausalito hotel] was a fabulous way to start out the vacation.  Our only regret was that we should have spent more time there...The hiking was well-marked in our guide book so we really didn't run into any problems during our hikes. Luckily we're fairly active people as some of the hills on the first day were pretty steep.  Views, scenery and lunches were all good!  We were pleased with all of the inns that we stayed at and the actual hikes.  Mary was really wonderful to work with us!  We called wanting to make some rather last minute changes...and she was able to make some fantastic appointments for us.  Overall, we had a memorable vacation and are telling our friends and family how much fun we had.  Thanks again!"

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Sonoma Valley Wine Tasting

Mom and two daughters from Colorado, Missouri and Tennessee, March, 2013:  "Had another wonderful trip!! Thank you so much!!! The lodging was wonderful!...beautiful and a lot of fun to be at. My favorite part was all the hiking. Trails were great, good views and fun to hike. My other favorite was the variety of the wineries. I loved that some were smaller and more cozy, some were larger and more corporate and then some were very private intimate settings. The people were wonderful at all of them too, which really can make or break the experience."

Two Minnesota couples, October, 2012:  "Had a glorius trek from beginning to end. Great ride up to Sonoma, first class inns, (loved the pampering). Beautiful weather, explicit trail guide booklet, and superb winery selections, [especially the private winery]. Loved our dining selections. Great exercise, enjoyed every aspect to the fabulous extreme! Was so nice not to worry about the driving to and from the airport in San Francisco. One of our top vacation memory favorites!"

"The trip was over the top fantastic!!! One of my colleagues at work is already interested I think. I especially liked the pre planned, prepaid nature of the trip so no stress once we got there. Sometimes it is hard to travel with friends when all the group does is wait for someone else to make decisions re: side trips, dinner locations, etc. I am an active vacationer, not much interest in going somewhere to just sit on a beach or drive in a car place to place.  Hiking was perfect. I especially liked that the hardest parts of the walks were in the morning when cool and no wine tastings (yet).  Sitting at the [private winery] was a pretty cool experience; even though he was busy, he didn't let on that we were intruding in his day. The lodgings were over the top."

Two Massachusetts couples, October, 2012:  "We had a fantastic time. The trip was well planned and the accommodations were great. I liked the hike on the second day, my wife liked walking through the wine country.  We enjoyed most of the wineries. I really loved the[Glen Ellen lodging] in the Zen Suite.  I wouldn't mind having that bath in my master suite! My wife loved the step by step narrative in your guide.  I, of course, liked the maps."

Chicago friends, April, 2012:  "I had a wonderful time on the trek, the hotels and accommodations were great. Overall it was a great experience, I have already recommended it to people who I know enjoy the same types of things. In fact, someday I plan to come back and do another one of your treks! My favorite part of the trip were the two days in Sonoma. Glen Ellen was okay, unfortunately we missed one winemaker, which we regret. All of your partners, restaurant suggestions and inns were great...The fact that you accommodated us with such short notice was very admirable. Keep up the good work and I look forwward to another trek with you!!"

Vermont couple, February, 2012:  "Our trek was definitely a wonderful vacation experience. Overall, this counts as a bucket-list quality vacation. The logistics were spot-on and the hikes, tastings, and food were all fantastic. It is hard to pick a single part of the trek that we enjoyed the most. Some of the most notable moments were the first hike, the breakfasts at the [Sonoma lodging], the dinner at the Harvest Moon Cafe, and the final wine tasting (we were there for 2 1/2 hours!), and the unbelievably relaxing and elegant suite at the [Glen Ellen lodging]. The only change we would suggest would be a second night's stay at the [Glen Ellen lodging]. We realized that we would have loved to walk around town or just relax in our room.  The snacks, water bottles and pre-trip guide were excellent. Thank you for providing such and amazing and easy travel experience."

Alabama couple, November, 2011:  "We have been talking about how great our Trek was since we got home! We loved it. You did a great job of taking care of every detail--many thanks for being such hospitable host and trip facilitators. What a dream to have someone else take care of our entire vacation for us. We found the entire trip very well-coordinated, relaxing, friendly, and fun--overall one of the best vacations of our lives. The hikes and treks were incredibly beautiful and fun and well mapped (even on the day it rained). Each wine tasting was a truly unique experience. All of the restaurants we tried were good and lunch each day was good (especially the winery lunch).  Both of the inns where we stayed were comfortable, friendly, accommodating, and clean. The [Glen Ellen lodging] was, clearly, exceptional--we plan to make it a destination one day.  We look forward to booking another trip with Wine Country Trekking in the future."

New York couple, November, 2011:  "To put it in a nutshell, we loved it.  We are already thinking of doing another trek for our third anniversary next year (this was for our second). I guess the only complaint I could have is that we got surfeited with fine food and wine. In fact, we canceled our dinner plans twice because we had eaten so much.  And three wine tastings in a day was one to many for me. But what a way to go! The Zen Suite in the [Glen Ellen lodging] was spectacular...We also really appreciated that the trek was done at a leisurely pace, on our own schedule. (We have been on vacations that got too frantic and/or involved too many must-make travel connections like ferries.) Many thanks."

Wisconsin couple, July, 2011:  "We want to thank you for organizing such a fabulous trip.  From the start you provided us with good information and tried to create a trip that fit us. The planning guide was helpful and the trail guide was complete and informative. What a memorable 50th birthday week for me. We both felt it was one of the best trips we have ever taken. It was wonderful to have everything taken care of for us and we were able to really relax and enjoy ourselves. We felt pampered and spoiled the whole trip thanks to your special touches and the intimate wine tasting that you set up for us. The weather was beautiful the whole week as though that were part of the package deal too :) The [Sonoma lodging] was perfect and so close to the town square. Everything we needed was within walking distance. We also loved the restaurants in town and my husband was glad to be able to try some good beer at the pub as well. Every winery was unique and different which made each visit fun. The hikes were a great way to experience California and enjoy the countryside and provided a little adventure along the way...We can't say enough wonderful things about the trip. You took care of all the details and went out of your way to provide a special vacation."

Two Texas couples, May, 2011:  "This was awesome--we have nothing bad to say about this Trek and have recommended it to several friends and co-workers. We enjoyed all of it. My in-laws, who were with us, would have preferred shorter days and more of them, but they're in their late 60's--it was perfect for us young ones. The rooms were fabulous (especially in Glen Ellen).  If we were to do it again we would not do dinner reservations.  We should have done a couple of bottles of wine and maybe some light snacks at the inns. Dinners were too much after trekking all day."

Nine Alberta colleagues on a team building trip, May, 2011:  "We had a great time. It was a wonderfully social trip by nature and so well organized with such high quality accommodations and wineries. The smaller wineries were so special and intimate, not something that would have been easily booked on our own. The last day was our favorite...We ended up buying lots of wine to ship to Canada, so the memories will keep coming.  THANKS!!!"

Nevada couple, October, 2010:  "We thought the details of the trip were well thought out and easy to follow.  The directions in the booklet were good and even had pictures for those of us who can't read.  No detail was overlooked.  They even put candles in our dessert at [one restaurant] and wished us a Happy Anniversary! ...We loved the lodgings and the food.  But what really stood out is we have never experienced the wine country like this before.  We wanted something different and this really was!  We walked through vineyards, parks, trails, and farmlands and got a feel for the Sonoma the locals know and love.  The views from the overlooks were spectacular.  The highlight of our trip had to be the tastings at [two Glen Ellen wineries].  It really felt intimate and that we were being treated to something not everyone who travels to wine country gets to experience."

Canadian friends, July, 2010:  "We had such a fantastic trip--we are still talking about how much fun we had.  It was first class all the way.  You were very thorough and professional.  It's hard to pinpoint what I enjoyed the most but my most memorable wine tour was [a private winery], it was so special to sit with the owner on that beautiful morning.  Another memorable time was sitting by the pool at the [Glen Ellen lodging]...What a beautiful spot.  I would highly suggest people spend an extra day like we did...It was such a nice way to end the trip...We lucked out with the Sonoma Town annual party [in the square] and had a blast that night...I really want to thank you so much for all the little extras you did for us, it really made our trip special."

"We had such a fantastic trip.  We loved your attention to detail with the water bottles, bags, wine corks, beautiful wine tastings.  Every day we had at least one memorable experience.  We live close to wine country in Canada and my husband and I have been to Napa before but the intimate experiences you arranged for us were very special...The only thing I would suggest is a four day package with a day break between the second and third days for ladies to spa and sit by the pool...Thanks so much everyone, you made our birthdays very special."

Minnesota friends, March, 2010:  "We had a great time on the wine trekking trip!  The hiking was great, the wineries fantastic, and the lodging superb--what more could we ask for??  Thanks so much for everything--it was a very well planned trip--we have such fun memories!  Again, thanks!"

Washington D.C. friends, March, 2010:  "It was a great experience, I highly recommend it, and would do it again!  I found the visits to small wineries, which included a sit down with the owner or manager to be most enjoyable.  We had an opportunity to really enjoy the wine and the scenery, tour the facilities, and learn about the history of the winery and the area and the folks involved in producing such wonderful wines...The accommodations were outstanding and everyone was very friendly.

Colorado and Texas friends, November, 2009: "Overall the trip was great.  the hiking was milder than I expected and the wine better than I could have hoped.  The great weather completed the perfect week.  The lodgings that were part of the trek were excellent, lovely places really, especially if you were a romantic couple.  If you expect more "girlfriend groups", then different arrangements would be better--not many ladies have known each other as long as we have.  Of course the [Glen Ellen lodging] was sublime beyond my wildest dreams.  For me there was too much food and too much emphasis on food.  The lunches were so large I was not interested in dinner."

Pennsylvania honeymooners, October, 2009: "This wine trek was the highlight of our three week honeymoon.  Tahiti was a great experience but my husband and I agree that the Sonoma wine trek was our favorite.  We thoroughly enjoyed trekking together through beautiful vineyards, estates and parks to get to wonderful wineries.  Each winery offered us a completely different experience, which we loved...The tour book was so precise that we did not have to worry about getting lost.  The [Glen Ellen and Sonoma lodging] were perfect after a long day of hiking.  The innkeeper was very hospitable and made us feel very comfortable.  The [Glen Ellen lodging] was amazing--we wanted to stay another day!  We appreciated that you took care of the details for us--making dinner recommendations and reservations, reserving a cab, and making massage reservations.  Everything was taken care of and it worked out perfectly."

Indiana couple, October, 2009: "We would like to thank you again for such a great vacation.  Overall we absolutely loved our trek experience.  The weather was perfect, too.  It was a good mix of hiking on trails and trekking through the rural side roads (especially helpful after an hour or two in the winery :))  The mix of wineries was really great--some big ones and the small ones.  We really loved all the wineries and [each had a different favorite].  [A small winery] was our best overall experience.  The gardens and weather were beautiful and the host was very entertaining and knowledgeable.  When he came out with those full glasses of champagne for everyone to enjoy and all of us looking at the view in the sunshine--life is good!  Loved the [Glen Ellen lodging] too!!!  The [Sonoma lodging] was great.  We are trying to get the word out to our active friends who we think would enjoy this experience.

Canadian couple, September, 2009:  "My husband and I enjoyed our trek.  We loved the variety of winery visits.  The step by step instructions were useful and ensured we did not make a wrong turn, although as Canadians, we would have appreciated the segments in kilometers to gauge the time it would take us to walk each segment. 
The wineries:  The outdoor tables at [a public winery] were a lovely place to relax and eat our picnic lunch.  We learned a lot about wine and cheese pairings at [a public winery].  We were prepared a delicious and plentiful romantic lunch at [a public winery].  People passing by gave us looks of envy and asked if we were on our honeymoon.  The visit to [a public winery] provided nothing special...The garden tour at [a private winery] was a different and pleasant way to enjoy some really nice wines. 
The trek:  The walk [in Glen Ellen] through the vineyards was the best walk segment of the trek.  We felt like we were walking where no others were allowed.  The walk through the old cemetery seemed ghoulish at first but was a delight.  We were expecting more walks through vineyards, however we were pleasantly surprised that the roads taken were usually quiet and picturesque. 
The inns:  We enjoyed our stay [in Sonoma].  The fire fountain 'patio' was a great place to relax after dinner and star gaze with a glass of wine.  We appreciated breakfast in the room--it's more relaxing eating breakfast in cozy bathrobes at our leisure.  The [Glen Ellen lodging]--what can we say?  the room was jaw-dropping beautiful!"

Midwest USA, 3 couples, October, 2008:  Highlights (not necessarily in order):
  - [A private winery] was a knock out--beautiful spot, interesting host, great wines
  - Hikes were great--would like signs or info about plants and ecosystems
  - Sonoma's square within walking distance a huge plus--very appealing and low key
  - Visit with Diane was both informative and completely enjoyable.  We loved her comment that she tends to enjoy wines made by people she likes
  - Picnic lunches delicious
  - Liked the [private winery]--lovely host, very relaxed, lovely picnic spot
Obviously we had a grand time--hope you find these comments useful :-)"

Ontario, 2 friends, October, 2008:  "Overall we had a great time, thought that it was well organized and a great trip.  Everyone we met was very nice.  What did we enjoy the most? Hard to say, so much was good.  The treks through the more natural areas were nice.  Liked the private wine tastings better than the non-private.  We felt the wine tasting at [a public winery] was a little rushed and impersonal.  The lunches were all nice and it was delightful to have a picnic lunch on a relaxing hillside.  It was a good combination of walking and wine tasting for the most part.  The restaurants were all great.  No complaints there.
Minor thing--The trip seemed set up for couples, i.e. there was only one bed in the rooms.  Not so terrible when I was traveling with my sister, but it would be nice to have the option of two beds."

Virginia couple, July, 2008:  "My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed the trek.  It was just enough hiking not to be completely exhausted, but feel invigorated each day.  While we enjoyed the hiking, we loved visiting [a private winery].  The garden tour was fantastic and meeting [the owner] was a delight.  We also enjoyed the tasting at [the winemaker's] house, he is a very colorful character.   We loved the [Glen Ellen lodging].  We liked the private tour at [a public winery]...very interesting and informative.  Also the private tasting at [a public winery] was wonderful.  As you can see there wasn't much we didn't like.  At [a public winery] they weren't sure who we were and what to do with us, but at every other place we were welcomed with open arms.  We were slow hikers and probably should have started out earlier in the morning as we were a bit rushed by the end of the day.  This was especially true on the last day, which was the one day we should have arrived at our lodging with enough time to enjoy the surroundings.  Thanks for a great adventure.  We would love to do it again." 

Alberta couple, July, 2008:  "We had a FANTASTIC time; it was a truly memorable and wonderful experience– no doubt about it!  The accommodations were luxurious, the restaurants were lovely, and the views afforded by the trekking were stunning. While all three days had their highlights, our favourite day was the third, when we got to visit the smaller family vineyards and wineries...Especially wonderful was being joined by [the owners] to taste their lovely wine in their beautiful garden.  I can’t think of anything that you can do differently. I think that ideally, the weather would have been a bit cooler, but obviously, there’s nothing you could have done about that!  We have been telling many people that THIS is the way to see Sonoma, so you may get an increase in your customers from Edmonton.  THANK YOU all for everything that did to make our first anniversary trip so wonderful."

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Napa Valley Wine Tasting

Two British Columbia, Canada couples, September, 2012:  "Overall we enjoyed the experience very much.  Each day was planned out very well with at least one longer visit and tour.  The trail maps were very good. All the accommodations were excellent and we are very glad we spent an extra day at the beginning to get oriented. Also, it made the French Laundry experience very special. In fact the general manager was from BC and at the end of the evening toured us through the kitchen. The only slight complaint from the ladies focused on why we had to stay in so many locations. We could never unpack! The flip side is that we got to experience a different town and restaurants so there was not unanimous views on this point. We think you undersell the value of the actual walks and tours.  When we looked at the pricing for the package with only a little knowledge we thought it was quite expensive and almost did not book. However, once we saw what some of the tours and tastings actually cost, we were less concerned so it might be wise to market the value of the tours and limo pickup services...Again it was a perfect trip with perfect weather and we would think about one of your other tours in the future."

Michigan couple and California daughter and son-in-law, July, 2012:  "We had a great time and it was indeed a unique way to experience wine country. We loved the variety in the wineries. It was nice to see the welcome package at the first inn. We enjoyed the trek in the State Park the most. It would have been nice to have more time to take breaks and enjoy the hikes more."

Virginia couple, June, 2012:  "The entire trip was absolutely fantastic; clearly one of the best vacations we have ever taken. I don't think we could have set up the trip on our own. Everything was in order for the entire trip. Hotels, restaurants, wineries, and the cars/drivers that picked us up were expecting us and right on time. The hiking directions were right on the money...All the wineries on the trek were wonderful and we were treated extremely well...The best tours included vineyards and winemaking...The only real downside was moving to a different hotel each night.  Perhaps you could offer an extra day [at the beginning or end of the trip at the same lodging].  Thanks again for making our trip so special.  You really have done a magnificent job with everything."

Washington couple, June, 2012:  "We had a terrific time on the trek.  Thanks for the champagne [for our retirement]--what a thoughtful and pleasant surprise!  We most enjoyed... the walk through the park. And of course, the [final resort] was a highlight...Overall, it was one of the best trips we've had and we're thinking we'd like to do the Sonoma trek in the future. Thanks for all you did!"

Washington couple, April, 2012:  "We had a wonderful trip!  What did we enjoy the most? Being from Washington, the weather was at the top of the list.  We enjoyed having all the arrangements made and following instructions. It was a little like a scavenger hunt with wonderful treats to be found at every turn...[The first winery]--what can we say.  We had no idea wine could taste like that.  The whole place, the concierge, elegant waiting area, tour guide, wine caves, tasting terrace--and the wine--wow.  What a start. [The second winery] was fun and informal, but a hard act to follow after [the first]...The second day hike was the most fun as it went through the park and along the river...The lodgings and lunch choices were awesome. Thanks for a wonderful trip."

Two Australian couples, December, 2011:  "Overall feedback--nothing but praise! It was a fantastic experience. All the inns were outstanding. Restaurant suggestions were superb. We really had the best time. Wineries were marvelous and exceeded all expectations. Weather was unbelievable. All transfers and luggage issues were handled brilliantly, despite us having some quite heavy bags. Our picnic lunches were absolutely delicious.  All the delis/bakeries were first class. We loved the restaurants, but thought Terra was the highlight--sensational! My son and his new wife also had the best time and it was really nice to share the experience with them. Please pass on my thanks to all involved."

Georgia couple, October, 2011:  "Let us say first that we loved the trek and have been saying great things about it every chance we get. Overall the wineries were lovely, the hikes were gorgeous, and the food was excellent. The places we stayed were all amazing--especially the suite at the [Calistoga lodging]. (Several places took note of our anniversary--thanx!) Wine Country Trekking came through on all the things promised to us--we never worried about our bags, our pick-ups, our reservations, or our car. And you got us a table at the French Laundry! All along the way, people thought what we were doing was a very cool idea--and it was.  Thanx again."

Two Florida couples, June, 2011:  "We had a wonderful trip! Thanks you for all of the planning and organization that went into the trek. We were completely satisfied and would recommend the trip to our friends...We loved the wide variety of vineyards, hotels, and restaurants you suggested...Some of the many highlights were French Laundry, [the Calistoga lodging], and the hike through the redwoods.  We did wish we had more time to enjoy each bed and breakfast. Many thanks."

South Carolina single, June, 2011:  "The entire trip was great and I have recommended it to others. The only thing that would have improved on my experience is having a traveling companion. It is difficult to say what part of the trip I enjoyed the most, but I think the scenery along the route was the best. Does anyone ever get tired of the views? Also, since I was by myself I had the opportunity to meet and talk with the nicest people. Please recommend to anyone booking a trek with you to bring a journal. My only regret is that I did not record all of my trek. Oh, yes, and all the wineries were great, too. I hope to see you guys again in the future."

North Carolina family, April, 2011:  "There was so much we liked I am sure I won't remember it all.  All of the lodging was exceptional, I'd go back to any of the inns.  We especially like the [Yountville lodging].  The rooms were charming, their breakfast the best.  I even got their cookbook and will be trying recipes soon.  With respect to the meals, didn't have a bad one the whole trip.  The French Laundry was not a disappointment.  What an experience....We felt like travelling early or preseason worked greatly to our advantage.  The tastings were not crowded.  The hosts were relaxed and spent a lot of time with us....During the tasting there was time for stories, talking about food pairings and of course talking about their wines and vineyard.  Here you got the feel of a real family business and a sense of their community.  Finally, we all felt the customer service provided by your company was outstanding.  We know it was more than luck to get some of those reservations.  We noted at several of the tastings that your company and by default your customers were recognized.  That had positive effects on the experience.  It seems you are taking the time to develop relationships and it shows.  We would definitely use your company again and recommend it to friends."

Kentucky couple, April, 2011:  "We had a wonderful time trekking and tasting in the Napa Valley and would recommend this experience to everyone that wants an active vacation.  The wineries that you chose for us were very accommodating to having trekkers, and went above and beyond.  The directions were easy to follow and the timing was accurate.  We enjoyed the entire trip.  All the wineries that we went to and the hiking in between them, what a great way to see the area.  Then coming back to a great room each night just topped off the day.  All the Inns were beautiful places to rest our heads...Keep up the great work and we look forward to booking the Sonoma Trek sometime in the future."

Washington DC couple, August, 2010:  "We honestly CANNOT stop raving about the amazing time we had on the wine trek.  It was exactly what we hoped for .  Everything was so perfect.  From the towns we explored each night, to the awesome wineries we got to visit.  The lodging was exactly what one would be craving for at the end of an 8 mile hike.  It was perfect.  And we cannot thank you enough for the pleasant surprises that awaited us.  It was awesome...it is hard to say [what we liked the most], but if we had to choose, we really enjoyed discovering where we were staying every night.  Although each winery we visited was AWESOME, and the hiking/walking/running was so much fun, at the end of the day, ending up at our final destination, and exploring the town and enjoying the accommodations was so exciting and cool.  Every place was so special in its own way.  Each restaurant we went to we absolutely adored and loved.  Each aspect of every day and night was unique in its own way and it was an awesome experience...We've been recommending it to anyone who likes being outdoors and active, and doesn't mind getting a little dirt on their hands.  We really enjoyed the family owned wineries.  Looooved the fact that we may be visiting wineries that folks who would be driving through Napa may not get to visit.  Every winery we visited also felt very personal.  We also really appreciated the fact that we were the only "trekkers" at every tour we went on.  For our first time visiting Napa, this was the way to do it.  Thank you again for an amazing trip and all the assistance you provided in helping us coordinate and book this trip.  This is something we will definitely be doing again.

Alabama couple, October, 2009: "Happy to report that we were extremely pleased with the Napa Trek.  We both commented that this was one of the best vacations ever.  The trek instructions/maps were excellent and generally easy to follow (even for those directionally challenged).  The accommodations were absolutely top notch--not a single complaint.  The winery tours were great and the tour guides were friendly and extremely helpful.  We would highly recommend a trek vacation to all desiring an adventurous getaway.  Thanks again for a wonderful trip!"

New York honeymooners, August, 2009:  "We had a great time!  We couldn't have imagined anything better.  We enjoyed everywhere that we stayed.  We enjoyed the walks and hikes.  The food was excellent, and the wine was even better!! We didn't want it to end.  We really enjoyed the variety in the wineries.  We got to taste at large commercial places as well as the smaller ones.  We liked the personal tours at the smaller places as we got to ask all the questions on our minds and they were more than happy to answer them.  The car service was always waiting for us and the drivers were very nice.  The inns were all extremely nice...both accommodations and staff.  The restaurants were all really nice and the food was excellent.  We had such a good time and we thank you guys for making our honeymoon truly special!!!!"

Connecticut couple, April, 2009:  "A very nice vacation overall, one of the best that we have had.  We really enjoyed having things set up for us and we did not feel pressured to visit all the wineries. We enjoyed the variety the most, both in the wineries that were selected for us to visit and in the places we stayed...Thank you again for arranging a very memorable and enjoyable vacation.  And thank you for getting us reservations for The French Laundry!!"

New York couple, April, 2009:  "We really enjoyed our trek ...and want to thank you for paying such close attention to detail--maps to and from San Francisco and Sausalito, vouchers for meals, reservations at restaurants, tastings, etc. Because we didn't have to worry about these details, we felt very relaxed...
...Our favorite winery by far was [a private winery].  Marla was wonderful!  She taught us so much about the winemaking process.  It's had a huge effect on how I see farming in general.
...We loved the variety of places we stayed--whether with country charm, soothing with neutral peacefulness, or contemporary.  Something to please everyone.  All in all, it was a great trip!"

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San Francisco to Mount Tamalpais

New Jersey family of 9 adults, December, 2012:  "We had a wonderful time and were thrilled that each of our kids and their spouses were able to weave in and out of the vacation as their time permitted. All in all, you did a great job of facilitating our adventure amd making it all happen effortlessly on our part.  We would definitely do another trek with you...It is a great feeling at the end of the hike to know you will end up at a really nice inn. (Nice bathroom, bathtub for soaking, fireplace, clean room and comfortable bed). The water bottles and bars were a nice touch and one of the inns had chocolate in the room. That was nice, too. I think those little touches, whether from you or the inn make a big difference. It is a reflection on both of you, I think. It reminds us that you are still with us, providing a high end vacation, every detail thought out! Thanks again, and I hope we can try a different set of hikes another time on a future visit to California."

Louisiana couple, November, 2012 (traveling with friends who continued on to the Wine Country):  "We had a good time on the trek. The mountains were a little hard on my knees. According to our friends, we missed a good time in the wine country. Thank you and the rest of your staff for all your help. Anyone coming from flat land, let them know there is a lot of climbing and coming down steep trails. I am used to walking and did not get tired, but my knees were really hurting. Overall the scenery was gorgeous. The mountains were a little foggy. The hotels, inns, and restaurants were great. Gary Danko's was wonderful. The food was awesome and all the staff really friendly and helpful...Everyone went above and beyond their call of duty and we appreciate that very much."

Colorado couple, August, 2012:  "We certainly enjoyed our trip. The luggage transfer went perfectly, the cabdriver back to the airport was wonderful, the route guidance was great. There was an additional detour needed in Muir Woods due to a landslide, but your map got us around that. Our days were fairly long as we took our time. We were disappointed that [our room in Muir Beach] had a European style shower..the location of the inns couldn't have been better, and there may have been no other options...I just felt the inns were promoted as higher quality than they seemed. Overall, though, it was a wonderful experience."

California couple, August, 2011:  "Wine Country Trekking did a first class job.  Our accommodations were wonderful and each unique. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the detailed Trail Guide.  I tend to get geographically dyslexic, so our Trail 'Bible' left no room for misunderstandings of where we were or wrong turns. It can be a little scary to give up control of making arrangements for our trips. Everything went perfectly thanks to Wine Country Trekking's commitment and organization. [We enjoyed] that our trek was diverse.  We had city time and time when we were in the mountains where we didn't see but a few people all day. Could you have made it a little less foggy on our trek for Sausalito to Muir Beach?  Just kidding, of course! Please pass on how great our experience was. We would definitely use you again or recommend you to others."

Texas couple, September, 2010:  "[We] had a fabulous time.  Thank you so much for working with me to keep it a secret and working with [our friends] so they could join us.  For all that work we got, "Best present--ever!"  Your moniker describes this experience very well.  Our trek truly was "luxury on foot".  The hikes were lovely.  The food was fabulous--even the lunches.  The inns were fun and different--and very nice.  It was spectacular to come in at the end of the hike and have our bags in the room and the staff expecting us.  We both loved this trek because we got to go from the experience of the city to the experience of Muir Woods at a gradual pace.  Along the way, we could always look back and see San Francisco in the distance and awe ourselves at how far we had come.  Once we began the trek from Sausalito, it seemed that the scenery and landscape changed at every turn.  We loved the experience of the coastal plains along the Pacific.  And then, the views continued to get better and more inspiring.  We spent many long moments just standing on the mountainside and gazing.  With each step we got further and further away from the city and into the woods.  It was a lovely transformation.  The Muir Woods was the favorite trek for both of us.  Being from Texas, we don't ever see trees taller than our house.  The trail guides and maps were perfect. Even out in the wilderness, we never felt lost or unsure of where to turn.  The combination of written directions and pictures were very helpful.  Thank you for making his 50th birthday special.  It is a trip we will always remember."

Ohio couple, September, 2010:  "Great trip.  One of the best we have ever been on.  The physical part of it was not too bad, but enough that it made you "earn" your dinner.  [We liked] the variety of hotels/inns and hikes.  Each one was different than the other."

Texas couple, (With one Winery Day add-on), July, 2010:  "Thank you so much for facilitating such a wonderful trip!  We had an absolute blast, and loved all your little touches and customer attention.  We got engaged in Sausalito and I'm so glad we have so many lifelong memories to go along with that event!  And thanks for guiding us to Sausalito even with unexpected trail closures.  I've never had so much fun sliding under fences before :)  Overall it was FABULOUS!  Loved all the trails, hotels, restaurants.  We had such an unforgettable time.  We loved the small winery appointments we had--getting to meet the owners and have a drink with them...I don't think we had a bad meal the entire week we were there, either...I loved all the different styles of hotels and the rooms we had were always fabulous, great views, great locations, great food, and great atmospheres...Thanks for the great trail directions complete with pictures and helpful hints!...Every time one of those lovely bound books arrived in the mail, I just got so excited about the trip.  After a stressful day of work, I flipped through them in anticipation of the trip--so fun!"

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Mount Tamalpais to the Wine Country 

Virginia couple, March, 2013:  "What a fantastic trip! The most enjoyabel part was hiking from Sausalito to Muir Beach. The views were breathtaking all the way. The [Muir Beach lodging] was much more enjoyable than I expected--a real delight. Dinner was quiet and romantic and the breakfast buffet was wonderful. There was a little hitch in that our luggage was't there when we arrived but that was remedied shortly. The trek from Muir Beach to Muir Woods was also terrific. It was long and excruciating but also beautiful, exhilarating, and well worth it. The room...was delightful--they said it was the best in the house and we also had the best view in the restaurant for dinner. Very nice. [You] were helpful in accommodating our request to be picked up early the next day...The hike on the next day was nice (not as spectacular as the others) and ended well with a fun winery tour. Thanks for booking the more in-depth tour. Our stay at the [Glen Ellen lodging] was mixed.  The Zen room was fantastic...It seemed like they were trying too hard to make the food exotic. Back to Day 4--what an exquisite beginning, drinking champagne [at the first winery]. The wine pourer [at the second winery] was a sweet young woman but it just wasn't special...You saved the day by coming to pick us up because by then my blisters were raging. Thank you! The rest of the afternoon was a trip, meeting [the winemaker] and enjoying his wine, humor and take on the interaction between the cosmos and winemaking. We are delighted to be part of his club and hope to make it to one of his parties one day.  Our driver was a delight.  Unlike other drivers in past travels, she was always prompt, reliable , and a good driver. The water bottles and gift bag were a nice touch. It was a great trip and we appreciate your attention to all the details."

Missouri couple, September, 2012:  "We had a wonderful time on our trek. It was very enjoyable. The weather turned out to be almost perfect for trekking...the last day that we had 3 wine tastings throughout the day made it tough. The wine made us a little bit tired and the heat didn't help. We [liked the day with] a wine tasting at the end of the trek so we could just relax afterwards. We did not have any bad food whatsoever on our trek. All the places we ate were extremely friendly and very good food. Thank you for the experience. It was very well planned out and the directions were very easy to follow. We will definitely be doing another trek again someday."

Two Texas couples, September, 2012:  "We had a wonderful time. The first day was really hard for me--my knees really hurt--but the rest of the days were no problem. We liked all the hotels--wish we could have stayed at the first and the last a little longer (next time we will know to do that)--they were the nicest hotels. All in all we had a fabulous time."

Missouri couple, August, 2012:  "Thank you so much for the best vacation ever! Everything was perfect. Great trekking trails, lodging, food and wineries."

Connecticut mother and daughter, May, 2012:  "My daughter and I are still talking about how our trip together was amazing in so many ways. I think your company does an outstanding job of giving the client the tools to confidently move through the days on your own, yet, you are all a phone call away when we needed you. (Like when we got lost on the way to a vineyard, haha.) We enjoyed the variety of places that we stayed in along the way, the first and last being our favorites for sure...and the choice of vineyard visits was really fun and interesting, again a nice variety...all with great character! All of the locals that we were in touch with and stayed with were very accommodating in every way...We will definitely recommend Wine Country Trekking whenever the opportunity arises and we hope to come and travel with you again sometime in the future. Thank you for a lovely experience, one that we will cherish for a long time to come!"

Two Kentucky couples and an adult daughter, May, 2012:  "We had an absolutely great time on our trek. The accommodations were outstanding and the suggested dining was just what we had hoped for. I found that the trail map was exceptionally (and correctly) detailed and easy to follow. The wine tastings were top notch and we all learned quite a bit about the growth of the grape. Interestingly, the final night we actually did a recap of what was our favorite aspect of the trip. Each of us had something different that we found special. For me, it was the vistas of the Pacific and the city from the cliffs on the way to Muir Beach. The trek allowed us to take time from our busy lives to spend some quality time with each other; something our family has not had a chance to do in quite some time. As the MasterCard ads say, "Priceless"!"

Louisiana couple, October, 2011:  "The trip met and exceeded our expectations! The distances and demands of the trek were perfect for us. The combination of hiking, staying at boutique hotels and sipping wine was likewise just right. I would (and have) recommended the trip to friends. I liked the walking the best--seeing sights on foot is special and the anticipation of arriving at one's destination makes it all so fun. More specifically, we like the trek from Sausalito to Muir Beach the best...At all times the food, on the trek and in the evenings, was consistently fresh and tasty. We liked that we were on our own and not part of a group--but we could call you if we needed assistance. The combined experience is what makes it work--the best of scenery, food, lodging and wine. I appreciated how nice you were during the planning process. We can't thank you enough!"

Three sisters/sisters-in-law with add-on San Francisco day, May, 2011 :  "All in all we had a wonderful time and were so impressed by the detail you have handled to make the experience impeccable!  Special thanks for bailing us out the time we didn't pay attention to either the Trail Guide or the map! Crazy! Regarding hotels, the [Glen Ellen lodging] was, for me, the most perfect place I have ever stayed!...The [Muir Beach lodging] probably had the ultimate in friendly, perceptive and flexible staff...we had pretty stellar food everywhere."

"This was a totally new experience for me. I was a bit anxious about the trip from the beginning as I am not an experienced hiker.  I have not really been on a hike since I was a young girl in the Snowy Range Mountains of Wyoming. However, I absolutely loved our personalized trek from San Francisco and hope to return to do more trekking with you! One would think that you could lose a pound or two with all that walking. But such great meals and no control on my part, I came home well overfed and well over wined! The meals were outstanding. The choices of meats, fresh vegetables and incredibly fresh breads made it difficult not to enjoy lunch on some mountain top.  Loved the cab ride down the mountain!  What a delight that was."

"I have to whole-heartedly AGREE! :) The trip was super and we had the best of times and memories to always look back on this so very fondly...I loved the champagne in the garden!!!:) I realize now that I have just never had GOOD champagne--I do like it after all...Overall, I am HIGHLY recommending your company to all!"

Nebraska couple, October, 2010:  "Overall we are very satisfied with our trip.  Wine Country Trekking did an outstanding job.  I felt I was in good hands and didn't worry about anything.  The hotel selections were excellent, each with great staff, rooms and atmosphere. The treks were beautiful.  The guides and maps were excellent.  Before we started hiking, I thought the text might be too detailed, but I quickly realized that it was perfect; just when I'd look for it, I got a confirmation we were on the right trail, so we stayed on track and enjoyed the scenery without worrying if we missed a turn....At the wineries, we noticed the effect of our guide and the surroundings...[At one winery] they were pressing their 2010 Pinot Noir, so we sat on overturned crates and talked as they finished their work.  We enjoyed the wine and the company.  This visit provides us with a great story to share with others."

Alabama couple, November, 2008:  "We had a really great trip--enjoyed it thoroughly.  We thought everything was well planned and executed.  [We enjoyed the most] the combination of the hiking and the gorgeous/interesting hotels/inns.  We enjoyed every single hotel a lot--such variety, but all great.  All the hiking was great--maps and directions were great."

Chicago, 2 friends, July, 2008:  "We loved the trip and enjoyed the hiking, I think we got to see a lot of things that we would not have had we not hiked it.  Not having to transport our bags and finding them in our rooms after checking in was great.  The [Mount Tamalpais and Glen Ellen lodging] were great, food was really good at both.  We also appreciated the effort you made to correct our bed situation and loved the champagne at the pool.  I would have liked to have done the last day of hiking winery to winery, but we were too sore and the hotel was too nice to contemplate doing anything else but sit at the pool!  I enjoyed all the hiking, but I think 2 days of 9 plus miles a day was a bit much for us. ...Thanks again for everything." 

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Sonoma Valley Runner's Trek 

Solo man from Maine, June, 2013:  "I didn't run, but hiked fast and it was a blast. The trails were extremely well planned out and the notes on them were perfect. I was a bit out of shape but still managed to get through all the hikes. Mt. Hood was quite steep but the views once to the top were gorgeous. The winery experiences were each different and were fun...The Glen Ellen Winery trip was special to get the inside scoop on their eco friendly production...I did get to sit by the pool and soak in the lovely cool waters...I enjoyed the [Glen Ellen lodging] and also partook of their pool and hot tub.  They had very good breakfast which got me on my way. My favorite dining experience was the Glen Ellen Star. I made a new friend with your driver.  What a wonderfully nice person. Overall it was a great trip...I truly love your planning and taking all of the minutia away from me. Thanks again."

Six Texas friends, December, 2012:  "It was such a great trip, the weather was gorgeous, the hikes were great, and the accommodations were beautiful. I think my favorite hike was day 3. Day 2 was challenging and I would do it again too...Our only real issue at the end of the trip was when we were coming back!  Thanks for the awesome service you guys gave us."

New York couple, June, 2012:  "A quick hello from two tired but very happy runners! Today was again beautiful!! After yesterday's challenging climb and the downhills, today's run felt nice and easy!  Although our quads might not agree :-))...Thanks so much for everything and we are enjoying every minute being in your beautiful country!"

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Kenwood Luxury Getaway 

Oregon couple, May, 2013:  "Everything was great. The trip was wonderfully planned and everything worked out great.  The [inn] was fantastic...We personally like our interactions with the smaller wineries the most. We LOVED speaking with the 92 year old owner at one winery and drinking wine with him. We also thought the pairings with the food at another winery were delicious, and enjoyed meeting you!  Thanks again, and we really do look forward to meeting you again on a tour."

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San Francisco Bay and Islands 

Two friends, June, 2013:  "It was a really good trip.  I particularly appreciated the nice hotels you booked for us AND the nice rooms in those hotels. Daily walking route well thought out, scenic, interesting, and appropriate physical exertion.  Well done."

"I strongly agree with his comments and would add two specifics: I was really impressed by your trail notes for the Sausalito to Tiburon hike.  This is not an easy route to describe in detail and you did a great job.  The hotel in Tiburon was excellent and our room overlooking the sun deck and San Francisco across the Bay was spectacular.  Thanks again for another great experience!"

Australian Couple, May, 2013:  "We loved our trek!  We had not visited San Francisco before and it was a great way to see the city and the bay.  The rooms were beautiful, the restaurants fabulous, especially in Tiburon. We made it to the top of Mt. Livermore on Angel Island and really liked Alcatraz. We have beautiful photos and want to win your next photo contest!"

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